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Reiki by Energy Medicine Center

Reiki is a method by which universal healing energy is being used to encourage the body’s recuperation, efficiency and improve the mood or repair the auric and physical body.  Reiki is beneficial in many ways some of which are the treatment of mental emotional disorders, boosting the immune system, improving energy levels, management of pain, stress relief and harmonizing emotions.

Reiki Energy healing techniques employ universal healing energy to activate the body’s healing processes in order to restore physical and emotional well being. Reiki originated in Japan. The word "reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: rei (universal) and ki (life energy). Modern day Reiki can be traced to the spiritual teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan during the early 20th century. Usui's teachings included meditative techniques and healing methods.  

Reiki energy healing is performed in a quiet, comfortable, calming setting. The Reiki Master practitioner will ask about your symptoms and have you lie fully clothed on a table so she can scan your aura, chakras or energetic vibration. Unhealthy areas of the body and imbalances of the emotions have a low vibration signal due to their illness. These areas register with various sensations such as warmth, tingling, or density to the practitioner. When a Reiki healing session is performed a higher vibration is applied to the body and the body responds by lifting the energetic vibration accordingly.  By lifting the energetic vibration of a system the body and mind is better able to heal, recover more quickly mentally and physically returning to a state of balance more quickly.

After Reiki treatments many comment on their deep feeling of relaxation, a reduction in pain, a feeling of lightness in the body, less inflammation, less irritability, more resilience to stressful situations, sleeping soundly and an increased sense of well being. Reiki is wonderful for stress, alleviating pain, emotional issues such as anxiety and depression, in times of transitions, to aid in healing from surgeries, illnesses and chronic conditions. 
Depending on what type of balancing you require your Reiki practitioner may choose to add other modalities if you wish such as crystals, sage, sound therapy or tuning forks in conjunction with the Reiki energy healing sessions.  Consider talking with one of our Reiki Masters to find out how you can benefit from Reiki.

If you are interested in learning Reiki you can also sign up for Reiki classes with Energy Medicine Center to learn ALL levels of Reiki. You receive in depth training, clinical experience and additional training in supportive modalities if you so desire.