Why you should have a Face Reading

Face reading or physiognomy is an ancient Chinese method of using various aspects of the face to determine your health status, what your personality is like, what your abilities and talents are, areas of stuck energy or emotions and even how one gets along with certain people.  I rely heavily on face reading to diagnose my patients.  Often on their initial visit they are surprised at how their medical problem is inquired about even before they disclose what disorder they have come to have treated.  Facial reading is so accurate that one can determine the quadrant of the uterus an embryo has implanted in within a few weeks of pregnancy.

As the above examples show face reading is a practical option for health diagnostics.  It is especially useful to those with diseases of unknown etiology or mystery illnesses.  In the least, face reading will give clues as to which body system merits further testing and investigation.  Face reading is reliable for finding hormonal imbalances, metabolic disorders, origins of disease, immune system problems, digestive issues, assessing reproductive soundness and organ weaknesses among other issues. Chinese face reading is most beneficial in preventative care, where the weaknesses in a system can be discovered and addressed before diseases appear, sometimes even thwarting the illness.  I once had a patient that came in for a general health reading.  I saw some tooth and bone issues from certain characteristics of her face and when I inquired about any tooth or bone problems she said that those issues had never been problematic for her.  Unfortunately, she called back two weeks later to report that two of her molars had broken and when the dentist investigated further it was due to a severe weakness in her jaw bone that resulted in not just replacing the broken teeth but also a series of surgeries to graft new bone into her jaw.  

Another application of Chinese face reading is identifying personality traits. It is possible to identify unique preferences, defining attitudes, individual mannerisms, tendencies and personal characteristics.  Just a few of the many personality traits that might be gleaned from physiognomy are introvert vs an extrovert, if one makes decisions on research, practicality or emotions, and if one is artistic, mechanically inclined or a reading aficionado.

In face reading it is also possible to discover talents that may be known as well as unknown.  Abilities passed down from previous generations or inherent to our family line that enhance life can be uncovered to encourage further growth in areas in which we may not realize we have gifts.  A face reading that readily exemplifies this was a woman whose talents according to her face seem to lay in two completely contrasting areas, mathematics and dance.  I inquired as to her involvement in either and she said that she was an accountant by trade and had been dancing ballroom for decades.


Matchmaking is another arena in which face reading can be employed.  In ancient China face reading was a good tool in assessing a good marital match.  In modern day, face reading can be used to trouble-shoot problems such as differing communication styles, expectations or perspectives that may cause friction in a relationship.  For those that are single advice about the most auspicious facial features to look for in a mate can be extrapolated from an analysis of your own face to pare down potential candidates.  Other ways face reading can help in interpersonal relationships is via analysis of workgroup dynamics and employee hiring/firing consultations.

An additional application of Chinese face reading is to identify old emotional traumas.  Many imbalances and health issues are rooted in unprocessed or stuck emotional energy and childhood trauma.  This may help add clarity to the origin of current mental, emotional or physical states thereby aiding in the resolution or remedy of those imbalances.

Career counseling is a point of inquiry that face reading easily addresses. Different features on a face help determine one’s calling by identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses. This is often used by those that are feeling unfulfilled in their work to sleuth out what options would be a more satisfying occupation. I had read a young man who had strong facial features for an engineer with a notable but less profuse characteristics of a creative. He disclosed that he had recently switched his art major to engineering because although he enjoyed art the problem-solving aspect of engineering fascinated him more.

Finally, forecasting the decades of our lives to come and interpreting years that have passed is possible with face reading.   Evaluating certain ages, poignant aspects of our past that may strongly influence our future and flagging future years that may be difficult in order to prepare or correct for them is an advantage of face reading.

Overall, face reading can be helpful in a myriad of ways to improve your life, relationships, and health.  If you are interested in more information or to schedule a face reading please use the contact information below. 

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