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Joy Black knows first-hand the negative effects of long-term stress. Her 39 years spent working in graphic design and advertising began as a fun way of exploring her creativity, including illustration and fine art. After a while, though, the unrelenting rush deadlines year-after-year, and the challenges of middle-management positions took a toll on her health – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Fifteen years ago, while still employed full time, she began an in-depth study of natural, self-care practices to help herself heal from the stresses of the business and corporate world. She used her vacation time to travel within the U.S. and to Thailand and China for training in Healing Touch, Reiki, Qigong for self-care, and Medical Qigong, earning various certifications along the way. She was finally able to leave full-time employment in February 2016 and is now pursuing her Masters of Medical Qigong.